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Engine Head Flow Figures
A wide variety of heads and CFM readings.

EEC IV Engine Codes

OBD-II Engine Codes

Hiding Engine Wires
An example of hiding wires on the passenger

Fuel Injector and Fuel Pressure Calculations
- Choosing the correct injectors for your application.
- Duty cycles and injector limits
- Fuel pressures and injector rates

Roller Rocker / Valve Adjustment (Stud Mount)
Adjusting your rockers properly to avoid valve
train noise.

Milling Ford Heads and Compression Ratios
A general rule of thumb.

Dual PCV Setups
Use 2 PCV's with an oil separator on your motor
and help control oil consumption.

Breather systems
- Standard breather elements
- Remote mounted breathers

Dual vents with a remote breather (5/8" line)  

Air Bypass Valve            TAB Solenoid
Air Diverter Valve           TAD Solenoid
Smog Pump                  Check Valves
Vacuum Lines

Air Conditioning Removal
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