2001 Mustang Seats In A Fox Body
The latest Fox body Mustang is now close to 13 years old.  Your old seats may have taken a beating over the
years and an upgrade or replacement may be in order.  The Fox body seats are known for breaking and causing a
gangster lean to the right.  There are many after market seats available like Flofit, Spearco, and Recaro, however,
a cheaper alternative may be to find a seat out of a newer Mustang.  I recently replaced a set of worn out Fox
body stock seats for a set of seats out of 2001 GT.  The Fox driver seat had manual controls with the power
lumbar support.  The replacement seat had a compliment of full power controls and lumbar support.

The issues that crept up during the install were minor, but are worth noting if you plan on doing the install in the

  •  The seat bracket on the 2001 is slightly different.  The bracket had a slight interference with the large
support cross bar where the front bolts are mounted.  Three washers were installed under the front
bracket to allow the extra lift for the bar.  If you just bolt the bracket down you may bind the seat
bracket to the point it may not work.  Don't install too many washers or you may find you're out of
threads on the seat mounting stud.  I didn't attempt to try to switch the old seat bracket to the new seat.

  •  The seat belt female end is attached to the side of the 2001 seat.  This merely unbolted and the electrical
wire was unplugged.  The male half of the Fox seatbelt does not fit the 2001 seatbelt and there's no
sense in keeping both.  The 2001 seat has the seatbelt holder attached to the headrest.  It's attached
with two star bolts.  If you have a cage, you have a problem.  Otherwise, the holder should not hit
anything throughout the seats range of motion.  The belt holder sits off to the side too much, striking
the main hoop on a cage.

  •  The last issue was wiring the power seat to the old pigtail.  In the picture, the plug on the left is what is
poking out of the floor in the vehicle.  It is a simple power and ground plug.  The plug on the 2001 seat
has a four prong plug.  The two plugs are not compatible.   
The 2001 seats do sit noticeably
higher than the Fox stock seats.  
If you're tall, this may be an
issue.  The 2001 seats are much
firmer than the original seats, but
the upper side bolsters were less
functional.  I think the stock Fox
seats allow you to sink in a touch
more which gives you the illusion
that the side bolsters are more
functional...  Either that or the
seats were well worn and you
just sunk in more.

For those people who are tall and
need additional leg room,
Mustangs Unlimited, and I'm sure
a few others, sell a seat bracket
adaptor to extend the leg room
approximately 4.5 inches.

1993 Mustang LX Hatchback
Wiring:  Too avoid getting too creative on the wiring, I choose to tap
into the seat plug wires themselves to the rear of the plug using the
simple blue wire taps found at your local auto supply store.  You can
use a simple flat spade connector for the plug on the floor of the Fox.  
This will enable you to disconnect the seat from at least one end if
you wish to remove the seat at a later date.  Power was run from the
Fox plug to both of the lower wires on the seat plug (red lines).  The
ground was run from the Fox plug to the upper left wire of the seat
plug (black line).  All of the power functions, including the lumbar
support will work.  I didn't trace the tiny wire in the top right location
of the seat plug.  However, it should just be the seatbelt signal to the
dash indicating it's connected.  The Fox seatbelt uses it's own
electrical connector from the trans tunnel and it's separate from the

On the passenger side, there are no electrical connections.  You'll
need to once again prop up the front of the seat to make room for
the seat bracket and remove the seatbelt holder if necessary.
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