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                              Milling Ford Mustang Heads

Whether you're looking for more compression from your motor or trying to correct a slight warping of your
cylinder head, milling your heads is probably on the list of things to do.  When milling heads, you need to
consider whether you plan on flat milling or angle milling.  You can typically flat mill your cylinder head a small
amount before you start creating issues with your intake alignment.  At that point, you need to angle mill the
heads and the intake together to maintain your port alignment.

The following is a basic simplification from what others have had experience with in the past.  Please consult
your engine builder prior to taking these measurements as gospel.  

  • Some of the small block Ford heads with a flat milling of .007" will give you a 1cc drop.
  • You can flat mill your heads approximately .040" before worrying about intake
  • The .040" milling will give you a 5-6cc drop, which equates to an increase of
    approximately 1/2 point in compression.
  • After .040", consider angle milling the heads with your intake.