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              Hiding Engine Harness Wires

When you get bored, just want to tinker, or you're looking for a winter project, hiding engine wires
to clean up the engine bay is something to do.  I've posted several pictures showing how I did the
passenger side wiring harness.  This side is relatively easy and doesn't take long.  It's the driver
side that will take some planning and more re-routing.  (I haven't tackled the driver side yet).
You will have to extend the MAF sensor wires.  
Cut one at a time, make sure you solder the
joints, and cover the joints with a heat shrink
wrap to keep out the moisture.  I'm using a
UPR fender mount "power pipe" and
lengthening the wires was necessary anyway.  
The relays conveniently fit in a cut-out at the
top of the fender where I zip-tied them in
Here's the bay with a little soap, water, and
relocate.  This harness controls the A/C cutout, fuel pump and MAF sensor.  As you look at the first
photo, just below the brake proportioning valve there is a large hole leading into the passenger
side fender.  This is where you can simply stuff this harness through.  You may have to enlarge
the hole just slightly.